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Close your eyes and listen to the stars!
Grasp hands around the séance table and speak to the souls of loved ones stored within the singularity. Help Jimmy Jack construct Yogi’s giant radio in time to speak with visiting aliens. Walk through the exotic museum on the planet of Frelurn, and there listen as the archivist Un’Yel shares stories of the brood mothers who first migrated out of the sea. Dare crushing gravity to harvest the wonderful fruit of a hazardous moon, and return to garnish the dinner table with the glowing firedrop. Rise from the hovel of a ruined world and join the struggle against the fatcats sleeping in their magical tower. Or gather with the children and cheer as the replicant maker introduces another mechanical creature to his menagerie of lost animals. 

Engage the engine of imagination and ascend to stars that remain beyond a rocket’s reach. This collection of ten short stories from an emerging voice of science fiction carries the reader to new worlds teeming with strange, alien life and desperate, human settlers. Watch the monthly broadcast of the planet-grab and cheer as colonists establish a new foothold for humankind amid the stars. Fear the arrival of the terrible orange blight that falls from the heavens to threaten the homesteads braving the planet of Geralt. Meet the clone named Ernie and the robot named Oliver, and hope their creator’s frail heart doesn’t force their friendship to a premature end. Answer Dr. Valentine’s summons to love and build, so that man may plant his flags upon all those stars twinkling in the night sky. 

Rise with the hope of grasping new worlds, and fall with the tragedy of human and alien frailty. These ten stories underline the potential seeded throughout the galaxy, while never denying that humankind’s flaws will surely tarnish the stars. With the vain and the foolish, buckle into the rocket seat and hold a breath while the cosmos unfolds. 

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