When Earth seems doomed, Hugh Simms launches salvation into the stars.

A bomb explosion claims the life of Hugh’s only love, and the loss forces the wealthy technocrat to realize all his gadgets and marvels cannot cleanse humanity of the hatreds and vices threatening to summon total extinction to his world. Hugh has achieved his greatest ambition with the construction of his spaceship, the Starchaser, upon which the mogul dreams of carrying the seeds of a new Eden into the heavens. But the world spins faster and faster out of control, and Hugh must abandon his hopes of saving humanity when his nation threatens to confiscate his great Starchaser and transform it into a weapon.

Perilous times send Hugh searching for a new world that might yet be saved by a cargo of glass and ash he loads onto his spacecraft, and the entrepreneur can only imagine that any possible planet orbiting a distant star named Merlin might possess a civilization capable of cherishing beauty better than did humankind.

An intelligent race of a distant world struggles to transcend cycles of ruin.

Inspired by the planet’s enchanted sands that glow like the stars, the broods raise mighty civilizations. Meeka carries treasure for his mate and children. The stonepresser named Stax proudly plies her trade in the grand courtyard of the blue-robed priests. Queen Zhana reigns in an age of discovery which brings the comfort of wonderful music. And the prophet Nazeema introduces magic to her world. Yet ruin still falls upon the era of each of those characters, and the history of the broods seems destined to end in the annihilation a pair of death machines prepare to deliver atop the mountains of two resentful nations.

But the broods hesitate to launch their final war when an alien object approaches their sky. Many fear an invading army descends from the stars, but a few dream a falling spacecraft might save the broods from their death machines. And that hope might just save their world.

The Light Floats Slowly offers a mythic weave of science fiction and fantasy, and it works to remind its readers that magic offers its most powerful illumination when the darkest shadows seem to surround it.

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