I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to bring so many of the tales you will find on this website to you free of charge. Little recharges a writer's batteries more than knowing readers take the time to travel to the worlds scribbled and typed upon a book's pages. The creation of these stories, however, represents a substantial investment of energy, skill and time. In order to grow as a writer, and in order to find the ability to bring more stories to my readers on a much more frequent and routine basis, I feel I must humbly ask that you consider offering a payment to show your support to the challenge of creative writing. Should you discover in these pages a story you really enjoy, please consider providing a voluntary payment - of an amount of your choosing - for such work. My next writing and publishing goals, including the eventual publication of these works into traditional book format,  will require new funds, and financial gain will allow me to spend more time in the writing process.

Turning one's creative passions into profitable practice has never been easy in any time, and it's a challenge that becomes increasingly difficult day by day. But please consider supporting the creative arts, whether at this website or through some other avenue. I believe the world needs creative people who help see the world, and the cosmos, in a new light. Even small contributions can help insure the creation of the next classic song or masterpiece novel.

Anyone interested in offering a voluntary payment can follow the link provided at the left. The minimum payment accepted is $1.50, a cost I feel required to cover the expense of the transaction service - a cost that is less than most cups of coffee. If you would still like to show support, though you may feel uncomfortable with offering a monetary payment, I am always seeking feedback and reviews. Feedback and reviews help me attract attention, and attention is the key that opens many a door for a writer.

Most of all, please explore and enjoy these stories. Nothing would make me happier than knowing I might have provided a little inspiration to help you enjoy your day.

Sincerely and humbly,

Brian S. Wheeler

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