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EPISODE 14 - Opal Is That You?

The curious world arrives at the small town of Portis and surrounds Sophie Carter's home as Victor Creighton visits the widow. Victor hopes Sophie might help him decide if his synthetic creations indeed deserve all the privileges and rights of woman and man, or if synthetics like Franklin Tosh's Samantha are nothing other than commodities, no matter how one's eyes might sparkle, or how one's heart might love.

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Jay Logan delves deeper into the piles of relics found throughout his recently-purchased property and finds just the light he needs to convince his wife that his investment was wise. Yet Jay finds more than he bargains for, and he discovers that the dead Turners still covet their collectibles no matter if that family can't drag their possessions into the grave.


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Mallory and Mitchell Howard travel to the northern woods in an effort to rekindle the passion missing from their marriage. Unsatisfied with whom they have become, Mallory and Mitchell hope to find better reflections of themselves amid the trees. Neither suspects that something else waits in all those reflections, something that will not pause to replace Mallory and Mitchell's faces with those of strangers.

EPISODE 12 - Plastic Tulips (part 1)

EPISODE 13 - Plastic Tulips (part 2)

The tenth episode of the Flatland Fiction Podcast features part 1 of the science fiction story "Empty Urns Launched into Stars."  This story has it all - wealthy  tycoons, cunning con-men, idealistic daughters and digital seances in the dark! Dim the lights. Sit at the table and hold hands with those you hold dear. Then, turn off the lights and listen to the spirits summoned by this story of ambition and folly.

The town of Portis doesn't fault Sophie Carter for gunning down Samantha Tosh in the local grocery store. Knowing that a copy of a younger, more beautiful you walked the streets around your home would drive anyone to murder. Nor was Samantha a person. She was only a synthetic, and Franklin Tosh should've known better than to think a clone could substitute for a human wife.

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Jay Logan's fortune takes a turn for the better when he purchases the old Turner manse for a bargain. For Jay knows that the decaying Turner home, and its outbuildings in the surrounding acreage, brims with antiques that promise to put more than a little gold into his pocket. But Jay learns too late that so many collectibles have been gathered about that old, forgotten home for a reason. Welcome autumn and tune in to the first part of this tale of the Turner boneshakers!

Paul and Marshall feel events spiral beyond their control when Maven and Reese Burns pitch their proposal to employ the Singularity in the exploration of the stars. The fortunes Paul and Marshall have spent so long chasing finally near their grasp, but clutching such treasure may cost them their souls.

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EPISODE 15 - Guarded Keepsakes (part 1)



EPISODE 16- Guarded Keepsakes (part 2)

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