The giant, agricultural company has flooded the fields with their clone laborers, and man is displaced from the acres upon which he once grew crop. Synthetic men tend to the harvest now, and their simple dedication and meager ambitions return yields never before taken from the land. But each seed planted by the company's clone farmer also germinates hate in man's heart. For man resents that he no longer owns a patch of land to call his own, that he no longer drives the tractor in the field, that his farmhouses and families no longer rise from the flat countryside. Patch is a clone farmer who desires only shelter and meat pies for his effort. But one day a three-legged dog arrives at Patch's shelter, and the clone is surprised how quickly, and powerfully, he connects with that small canine who warms the foot of his bed. When that dog is threatened, Patch goes against everything he has been taught as a clone and decides to make a stand. Doing so threatens the tenuous balance between man and clone and threatens to rewrite who owns the harvest wrestled from the ground.


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