Twenty-five years ago, the aliens arrived in the star-filled sky and attempted to conquer the world. The carnage of that battle poisoned the environment, but it also united humanity in defiance of the extraterrestrial invaders. Guided by the Starwatch, humankind vows to be prepared should the aliens ever return to battle for Earth. Starwatch gives those surviving on a sick world hope to push onward until the world can recover from the poisons the alien menace delivered to the planet.

Jayce Gorman and Beverly Wilcox visit the memorial dedicated to the community of New Bethany, which fought off the alien invasion before those attackers could establish a foothold on Earth. There, they listen and watch as holograms of the deceased sparkle in the night air to share their stories of defiance with the living. They are guided by a sad caretaker, who seems powerless to combat the cemetery weeds.

But the caretaker knows more than Jayce or Beverly first assume, and he slowly pulls secrets out from his sleeves, until he contradicts the fables told by holograms with a history he witnessed first-hand, so that Jayce and Beverly will have to decide how deep they dare dig to know the truth of what appeared in the night sky before leaving that grove of headstones.

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