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Rediscover the splendor held between the stars!

A boy enters a barren forest…

Though the village deacons encourage him to accept the Maker’s will, Samuel Troyer refuses to do nothing while he watches fever ravage his neighbors and suffocate his brother. Samuel believes his skill in resurrecting the lost world’s machines to be blessed, and so he steps beyond his village without the permission of the deacons who safeguard his soul. Samuel faces the crooked trees and demons the deacons teach all in New Hope to fear in order to find the medicine he believes hidden in the remains of a fallen age.

An outcast travels to a ruined city…

Markus Siler is a lost soul whose hand bears the Meidung brand, the scar the deacons of New Hope have burned upon him to mark him as banished. Terrible creatures of fire have risen from the ruined city and murdered his band of forest colleagues. Markus fearfully returns to the destroyed city, for he suspects something sinister stirs in the heart of the ruin, something that makes even the strongest monsters of the forest tremble.

And an angel returns to a wasted world…

Juvina returns to the home world of her ancient ancestors aboard her people’s grand ark. After eons drifting through space, Juvina’s people have transformed into delicate, glowing creatures of the stars. Too fragile to step upon the planets her ancient ancestors built the first arks to discover, Juvina must convince those remaining on a wasted world to join her people in their exploration of the heavens. Already a difficult task, Juvina’s quest is nearly doomed when weapons rise from the rubble of a wasted world.

All three will discover that not all within that fallen city is dead, and what shambles out of a lost age will share neither the world nor the future.

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