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Ernie lives knowing that his death could fall at any moment. Ernie's mortality is linked to Dr. Zito's health. Only a clone, Ernie can voice no objection when the obese doctor partakes of another bourbon after another rich meal. Ernie has no right to encourage the doctor to seek even a little exercise to help strengthen Dr. Zito's failing heart. Ernie is only a clone, only a commodity, only a closet of organs and parts maintained in the best of health to be ready to save Dr. Zito from the health emergency arriving perhaps next year, next month, or next week. Ernie rebels against the purpose endowed to him by his creator, however, when he makes a new friend in the world of his online adventure game. Ernie suddenly cares for his tomorrows. Only Ernie must convince the robotic surgeon and guardian named Oliver that a clone deserves an opportunity to at least meet the face behind a game's avatar if a clone does not deserve a future of his own.