Brian S. Wheeler calls Hillsboro home, a town of roughly six thousand located in Southern Illinois. The people and places of his rural home provide much inspiration for Brian’s stories of fantasy, science fiction, magic and suspense, and he hopes that any associations readers might make between characters and locales within his pages are positive. Brian lives on the flatland, where afternoon thunderstorms can quickly replace sunny mornings, and where little impedes the wind from whispering tales into the ears of those who suffer from very active imaginations.

Brian engages in a very ugly and inefficient writing process. All of the stories found on this website have resulted from several drafts, and more than a few have risen from the ashes of stories that fail to live long enough to reach a conclusion. He will readily admit that he is not above an occasional spelling error or mechanical breakdown in his writing, and he asks those with keen eyes for grammar to forgive any mistakes that might blemish a story. Brian enjoys composing his first drafts with one of his collected vintage typewriters or seated at the screen of his childhood Commodore 64 computer system (seen in the background of Brian’s mugshot). He does not write to formula, genre or shoebox. Brian rarely follows a template, map or outline. He finds his stories through dream, time, work and revision, and little gives him more satisfaction than the sense of serendipity that comes when characters seem to find a life of their own in Brian’s text.

He has worn many hats in his professional life. Brian has taught high school English and history. He has instructed courses in composition and creative writing. For many years, Brian worked as a marketing manager and graphic designer, crafting magazine and newspaper ads, catalogs and brochures for clients in the auction, real estate, and educational fields. For a while, he managed a freelance graphic design office in his home. Recently, Brian has learned some basic welding skills, and he is expanding his professional interests into the construction and fabrication fields.

He is blessed with a wonderful family, his wife Erin, and an energetic, happy and brilliant young three-year old lady named Kate. Three dogs and a cat complete Brian’s home. Brian’s interests also include training German shepherd dogs and baseball. In his young forties, Brian has failed to ever grow up and give up the terrible time-wasting vice of video gaming, a bad habit that latched onto him the moment he played his first game at the local arcade.

This website has been created in Brian’s pursuit to earn a publication contract which will allow him to expand his stories beyond the ebook format into more traditional print mediums - which would bring Brian’s imagination to many new readers. Any comments, reviews, insights from his ebook readers greatly improve Brian’s chances of achieving this goal and are very appreciated. Brian welcomes comments through his email at letters@flatlandfiction.com, and he hopes to bring new stories to his readers very soon.